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.45 200 Grain Semi-wadcutter

.45 200 Grain Semi-wadcutter

Product Code: 452-200-SWC-BB-2692
Caliber: .45
Nominal Weight: 200 Grains
Style: Semi-wadcutter
Actual Average Weight: 204 Grains
Alloy: 2/6/92
Sized Diameter .452
Overall Length .638
Bullet Base: Beveled
Approximate Quantity: Single: 500 / Bulk: 2059

Single Package 500 count

Bulk Package Net Weight: 60 lbs

One of the most popular bullet styles ever designed for the 45 ACP due to its inherent accuracy. Its use is wide spread from bull’s-eye competition to the popular defensive handgun competitions. You can develop a load with mild recoil and not compromise accuracy. Not all 1911 style pistols will feed semi-wadcutters as they were designed for round nose bullets. We have tested our 1911’s and have had no issues but the reloading manuals do mention potential feed issues. The bevel base will make seating the bullet easier during the reloading process. Our .45 bullets are sized at .452.

Warning: Improper or carelessly handloaded ammunition can result in serious personal injury. Handloading should only be done by properly trained competent adults. Individual handloading procedures, safety practices and procedures are beyond our control; therefore we disclaim all liability for any damages that may result.

Lead Warning: This product contains lead. Exposure to lead is known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. Refrain from eating, drinking and smoking when handling this product. Always practice good hygiene, which includes but is not limited to washing your hands after exposure.

Bulk bullets are sold by net weight.  All single packages have a verified count.  Bulk packages counts are estimated.